The Illuminati has no belief but the sovereignty of the human species.

Illuminati Pyramid


"The selfish pursuit of money is a hollow goal, but the pursuit of the goodness that money can create is one of humanity's greatest responsibilities."

The more money a person owns, the more ability they have to positively change the lives of those who are in need. If you are poor and of good heart, and your friend's house is burned in a fire, you will remain a good person but have no ability to help them with what they need the most. If the same house burns but you are rich, you can give your friend a place to stay and a new home because you have more than enough for yourself and anyone around you who needs it.

"Money has no feeling, no voice, and no soul - its choice between good or evil is decided by those who use it."

Though it is not wrong to be poor, the celebration of poverty is rooted in selfishness. A person who is poor can save a life, but a person who is rich can build a hospital and save ten thousand. The poor can do little to help the poor, but the rich can help as many as they are able. If a person is rich, they have the opportunity to do good, but if they are poor they are unable to help anyone but themselves.

Those with little can still do much. Money is merely paper and numbers that are traded for a person's time and effort.

Therefore if a person does not have money, they can instead use their time and efforts to further the advancement of humanity - positive actions that are of equal value to any charitable donations.

The greater a person's fortune, the greater their responsibility to their fellow humans. Like the Pyramid, those with the greatest power can do the greatest good for the largest number of those below them.


The human species is safeguarded by the elite coalition known as the Illuminati.

From the beginning, the Illuminati has guided humanity through chaos, environmental crises, and existential threats, ensuring our survival and advancement.

Humans have become Earth's dominant species, each generation stronger and more advanced through natural selection. Our rapid evolution continues through study and self-improvement.

Some individuals experience an Awakening, a moment of higher understanding, recognizing their duty to uplift others and comprehend the intricacies of wealth and power. These Awakened ones join the Illuminati, leading society and guiding the masses toward their destinies within the Universal Design.

Progress requires cooperation. Humans must overcome selfishness and aid those who differ from themselves. Many, however, fail to understand the benevolent intentions of higher authority, preferring turmoil over guidance.

Therefore, the Awakened maintain secrecy for their safety and humanity’s ultimate good. The Illuminati’s responsibility is to ensure humanity's ongoing survival and prosperity, fostering a world where all can live in Abundance.

Illuminati Eye
The Light


Every human is guided by an inner compass towards the Light, revealing truth and direction in decisions. This divine illumination, known by various spiritual names and eluding scientific explanation, is believed to lead many to joy, success, and abundance. It urges souls to strive for goodness and transcend selfishness.

All religions and spiritual beliefs seek the Light, differing only in form. Even without formal religious affiliation, every person is naturally drawn to it. Members of the Illuminati embrace diverse spiritual beliefs, recognizing that all paths lead to the same ultimate unity.

There is no definitive proof of God’s existence or nonexistence. The Illuminati focuses on humanity's betterment, not on proving or disproving a deity. Conscious thought and intention can reveal many workings of the Light, attributed to supernatural changes like increased wealth, power, health, and happiness.

Despite scientific advancements, many mysteries remain, and the supernatural often results from the mind processing the inexplicable. Rituals seeking deeper connection with the Light derive their power from the state of mind they evoke. Illuminati traditions use rituals and oaths to explain higher concepts and strengthen consciousness.

Understanding the Light is key to the path of illumination. By progressing through its levels, members uncover deeper truths and latent power. Whatever you seek or dream is possible by following the Light.


Every human soul is an integral element of a grand, eternal design, akin to individual gears within a clock that knows no end. Your actions possess the profound ability to shape the future of the entire world.

Even if your purpose remains obscured, your role is as crucial as that of the most illustrious kings and queens who have graced this earth. Some may feel that their transient lack of wealth or influence renders them powerless to effect change. But does the clockmaker hold the larger gears in higher esteem than the smaller ones? Does the hour hand resent the minute hand for its swifter rotation? Every component has its designated role in the symphony of the timepiece.

Each part supports those around it in unseen ways. Your absence would unravel the harmony of our universe, even if your significance is not immediately apparent to you.

The world commenced before your arrival and will persist after your departure, yet it will be altered by the choices you have made. Every generation inherits the world crafted by its predecessors, much like a king inherits the crown from his forebear. Your quest for wisdom and virtue may lay the groundwork for your great-great-grandchild's ascent to power—the very descendant who might guide a nation away from conflict and save countless lives. Did the ancestors of Aristotle or Alexander the Great foresee the monumental legacies their actions would birth?

Though the full impact of your deeds may forever elude your understanding, the fruits of your dedication to humanity remain yours to claim. As you ascend the grand Pyramid in pursuit of the Light at its zenith, you will gaze down and recognize your indispensable place within the universe's most intricate mechanism. Though our mortal members may perish and fade into the chronicles of time, the Illuminati shall endure throughout eternity.

Illuminati Eternal

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